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Zombies, Aliens and Others:

// Language of Emotional Honestly: Emotional Inflation 

The emotional response is the prime indications of your opinion and inner mental state, the range of emotions displayed, and their complexity reveals glimpses of the person’s character, beliefs, and values. Right? 

But do we still have this sort of day to day connection in the age of screen communication when we unconsciously create unspoken rules in the way we communicate that restrict the use of honesty and negativity to maintain the made-up reality of neutrality and politeness where you no longer share your personal experiences as they are but mask them as to not ruin someone else’s day. 

The true, pure and raw emotional honestly could be seen only in among our animal “other” as they do not have any hidden messages or agenda as there is no need for them. They don’t have the need to judge each other’s behavior only to respond to it. 



This project is the exploration of human metamorphosis if the language of animal inflation started to affect human appearance and manifested emotions into more physical responses. 

Raised By “Likes”

Teach children to say sorry and thank you,

Be nice to your friends, respect your elders.

Mind your words, remember not to cuss.

Playtime groups are now online

How many likes have you got? I lost 10 today,

They unfollowed me when I cried.

Everyone should be different

But don’t show your flaws.

Airbrush your persona

Say you’re fine when you fall.

// Inflation suit 1.0

// Inflation suit 1.2

"Hey, do you want to go out for some drinks?"

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