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Digital Archeology of Virtual Plane

Digital Archive and Podcast

We dream about ruins and ruins dream about us. We haunt each other with our absence as we yearn to reconnect. Yet, a new type of ruins and artefacts emerged from the unconventional virtual spaces of online gaming servers.


The Minecraft’s oldest anarchy server - 2b2t in the last 9 years has become a cradle for hundreds of architectural structures created by its players. However, inevitable clashes between players and griefers allowed the collections' pixelated cubes to evolve into virtual ruins that are untouched by real-time or decay; left as immovable monuments behind computer screens to excavate as historical artefacts of childhood imagination and digital play.


The Digital Archeology of Virtual Plane is a growing archive of these builds and artefacts in order to record this history using archaeological methodologies of recorded observations, drawings, remote sensing maps and interviews with the 2b2t player community.

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